A riddle: What do you find when you travel to multiple countries in under 3 years, have multiple relationships and jobs, and get everything you thought you wanted?

The answer: Yourself.

Not like the cliche, 'find yourself' from movies. No, you find the same you that hopped on the plane in the first place, only a few years older and with a lot less money.

Perhaps a touch more extreme, but this is the way we live life. Chasing the next job, income, relationship or exotic, yet cleverly 'candid' Instagram photo. Somehow, we never quite seem to get 'there.'

In my featured talk, Create Success through Fulfillment: How to shift from chasing life to creating it, I share a down to earth, cringeworthy, funny, and practical approach to learn to create lasting fulfillment, satisfaction and more success in the process.

You will learn:

- Why F.E.T.C.H should remain a game for dogs & how to put an end to the chase in your life

- The MYTH of the “before and after” and why your success feels like a moving target
- The “MIRAGE of Success” and why to fall in love with the process of change
- 4 mental shifts for creating success through fulfillment (and not the other way around!)



For speaking engagements or to bring Vanessa to your event, connect with her at vanessa@vanessabroerscoaching.com.