Desperate to lose weight? I 1000% understand where you're coming from.

A few years ago, I was in exactly the same place. I had uncontrollable cravings, frequent mood swings, addiction to sugar, zero motivation to exercise, and I was desperate to lose weight.

It sucked. I had a notebook (this was before apps!) where I tracked my calories. I carried it with me everywhere, spent hours looking up calories in different foods online, and avoided friends and family because they “didn’t get it" and called me obsessed (Pshhh). I worked out for hours each day and abused diet pills. Okay, so I guess I was obsessed. But it felt like extremes were my only option – nothing else had worked. Can you relate?

On one hand, I desperately wanted to lose weight. On the other hand, it felt like I had to be obsessed and dedicated to nothing but food or I'd be fat but at least kind of enjoying my life. Both options sucked, but I thought that being skinny would somehow make it all better – if I could just get there.

Eventually, I realized that neither option worked. There were healthy, fit, and happy women out there who weren’t starving and lonely. I decided to start health coach training just to learn about nutrition for me.

That's when it all changed.

I learned what to eat for my body to lose weight and stop craving crap. But I still struggled with body image issues. I was able to help my clients lose weight, but they - and I - still had “all or nothing" tendencies and self-sabotaged... a lot. I was still waiting for the magical “She’s All That” moment when I’d walk in for my big reveal and be the popular girl who ends up with Freddy Prince, Jr. (I’d still marry him - sorry, hubs).

I went back to school again. I got certified as a Transformational Life Coach. I learned how to dissect even the most unfixable self-sabotage and break anyone out of lifelong, frustrating habits. Once I broke those life-long patterns, things really began to shift.

People started noticing that I was completely different, inside and out. I was glowing. What was I doing? They all wanted to know. One friend shared, “I just start eating and I can’t stop.” Another girlfriend said, “I don’t think I could give up sugar, I have to have something sweet after a meal or it just doesn’t feel complete.” And some had their doubts. “Don’t you work out like all day, everyday?” (Um, hell no).

That’s when I began to teach women how to eliminate cravings without giving up sweetness. Does this mean you’ll never get to eat a slice of birthday cake or gooey chocolate chip cookies out of the oven again? Hell no! So not my style. My approach is not about deprivation, because that doesn’t work. We all want to be a little bad. But it does make a difference HOW we do it. Instead of eating behind our backs, checking out while we binge, or self-medicating with food, we can tune in to what our body is really craving.

When you do this the way I’m going to teach you, your entire relationship with food and your body will change. You’ll no longer feel obsessed with food or devour a pint of ice cream only to punish yourself after with negative self-talk, skipping meals, or excessive brutal exercise.

It's my goal to help you connect the dots and show you EXACTLY how you can do this, too - no matter how far off track you’ve fallen.

You can be fit and healthy and have even more fun than you are now.

Trust me, if I can do it, so can you. I don’t plan my meals every week and I still eat frozen pizza and wine for dinner when I just don’t give a f*ck. You’re not going to have to turn into a food-obsessed robot who packs your own dinner for a dinner party. Nosiree!

I will help you get totally clear on what you want, how to get it, and how to break the patterns that have caused you to fail in the past, no matter how impossible it feels. I’ll help you incorporate changes into your diet and life in a way that is doable and doesn’t stress you out.

Whether we work together or not, you’ll walk away with at least one major insight as to what is keeping you stuck and how to get exactly what you want.