From my heart, this is why I have created Weightless (Health) Coaching:

I've enjoyed my work with coaches so much, and working with coaches embodies the reason that I love coaching in general so much. Coaches are hungry to learn and grow and really eager to serve. I feel really inspired by this work, to continue it as part of my coaching practice and take it even deeper. To do this, I'm creating a group of 6 health coaches to work with me for 10 months.
Weightless (Health) Coaching begins soon! 

I want to help other coaches really understand that all they really need to do is slow down and connect in service, to eliminate some of the overwhelm, and to bring a deep service mindset to more coaches.

I know how valuable each of our trainings has been, but I also see where there are some gaps in creating powerful connection and really being in service. I know there are a lot of coaches who are struggling with how to create clients and probably feel overwhelmed - like they need to learn all and master marketing before they can be successful, powerful coaches.

In all honesty, I feel like so many of the programs for coaches that are available are really focused on money, finding clients in mass amounts, and centered around branding. They're really missing the emphasis on how powerful coaching is really about service. I feel like they're selling coaches on a dream instead of focusing on really emphasizing powerful coaching and developing their practices from service. 

I see this as what really creates the gap from learning coaching to growing a business - I want to help close that gap.

Here is what you’ll begin to master in these 10 months (true mastery takes years - so I’m not going to promise mastery in 10 months. That creates even more of the feeling of needing another training.):

5 simple things.

Bold action ♦ Connecting ♦ Inviting ♦ Serving ♦ Proposing

That’s it. In the process of mastering these simple pieces, you will cultivate mastery of yourself, your message, and your purpose.

Here’s what we WON'T dive into: Everything else. I will support you as much as you’d like in other areas (opt ins, leadpages, funnels, branding, etc.), but my main goal is to support you to find your truth, and connect and serve through it. 

Through that simplicity, you will powerfully create clients.

What is Weightless (Health) Coaching?

Do you want to coach powerfully, make money, and really impact people and have FUN in the process?

I don't have a hot hook. There's no agenda to this program, and I won't be teaching you marketing. My message is my hook and my niche - YOU are the agenda - and your evolving needs are the program.

Over the ten months that we will work in a group together, our mission will be to take the heaviness out of building your health coaching practice and create a light, fun & fulfilling pathway to success.

But your business will grow because you will grow. Instead of feeling like you have to pretend to be the model of perfect health, you'll embrace who you are to connect with people to serve them powerfully. Living your truth energetically teaches your clients that they also don't have to lose weight or be in perfect health to live their dreams. 

On the flip side, by having that silent conversation in your own head - that you're not healthy enough, thin enough, or fit enough to put yourself out there - teaches your clients that their lies about themselves are also true. You have to take ownership of ending this conversation, starting with yourself.

Why (Health)?

The coaches I tend to work with are health coaches but are far more excited by the deeper work than the food part. They know it's important, but they also know it will change when the deeper work is done. Some of the health coaches I work with are also only health coaches because they think they need experience in that before they can do the kind of coaching they really want. Some were never health coaches to begin with. Regardless of the kind of coach you are, this partnership is designed to help you create the vision you have for your life and business, without the weight.

Be prepared to leave the stress of marketing behind you. 

The coaches that I work with feel disconnected from service and overwhelmed by how much they think they need to learn about marketing in order to create a successful coaching practice. They spend hours watching webinars about funnels and buying list building, Facebook ads, and social media marketing courses just to get closer to the one thing they really want to be doing - coaching.

At one point, I felt so overwhelmed by marketing that coaching actually stressed me out. I felt like coaching clients was taking away from my marketing time. My job, it seemed, was a marketer first and coach second. And even through all of that, the amount of work hours I was logging just to get one phone call was exhausting. 

An invitation is one step away from a coaching conversation. How many steps away from a coaching conversation are building your email list, learning lead pages, and running a Facebook ad?

Let's close the gap. If you want to coach clients, then you must simply coach clients. 

Together, we will create your movement forward as a powerful and successful coach through deep inner work on yourself that will be reflected in your business. Your vision for yourself and your life is the path to your business's success. 

Want to learn more? Let's create.

Here is what we will accomplish together:

  • Creating clients vs. finding / getting / attracting clients
  • Sharing your message vs. determining your niche / hot hook
  • Serving powerfully from beginning to NO end, regardless of whether someone says yes or no
  • Creating engagement vs. clever copywriting
  • Fearless coaching: You are not your clients' friend. What are you willing to say in service?
  • Coaching through objections fearlessly and challenging your client's "yes"
  • Creating high-performing, high-paying clients vs. high-end packages
  • Coaching to create clients vs. marketing to attract them
  • Creating proposals vs. closing the deal
  • Asking for investment vs. charging high fees
  • Playing like a pro vs. SNPS (Shiny New Program Syndrome) 
Check back weekly for videos highlighting each of these topics (below!) or sign up to have free video trainings emailed to you, including: specific action to take to create clients, powerful language to use in talking about money, making proposals, and powerful insights and distinctions to use with clients and to create your vision.

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What's Included?

  • Three 2-hour video conference coaching calls every month for 10 months
    • Calls may be recorded in both video and audio format to listen and watch over and over again
  • Support in crafting the actual language you use in communicating with partners & potential partners via email and in-person
  • Unlimited coaching through Basecamp - our online "house" together
  • Direct support in creating specific clients
    • As opposed to focusing on client"s", we will focus on creating one client at a time, together
  • Scheduled "support blackout" periods where you reconnect to your own self-reliance
  • One "buddy session" received from another apprentice each month
  • One "buddy session" provided to another apprentice each month
How do I know if this is for me?

The only way to know if I can help you create what you want in your business - the only way to know if Weightless (Health) Coaching is right for you - is to have a personal experience of the impact our creating together can make. If WHC is of interest to you, I recommend you reach out to me to find out first-hand how you and your business will grow with my support.  

Let's Create
What's the investment?

Financial investment for my 10 month partnership is currently US $12,000. Payment must be made as a minimum of US $2,000 upfront followed by 10 monthly payments of US $1,000. If paid in full in advance, a US $2,000 discount will be applied. 

Your investment is 100% non-refundable. Beyond investing money, you will invest your time, focus, and courage. 

We may not be a fit for partnership. My work is not for everyone.

If WHC is of interest to you, I recommend you reach out to me to experience first-hand how you, your business and your relationships will improve exponentially through my support. We will speak briefly by phone, and then, if it feels right to us, we will spend two hours on a video call.

Whether you decide to join us in WHC or not, the time we spend together will be extraordinary. To explore the possibility of creating together, please email me at vanessa@vanessabroerscoaching.com.

Read what other coaches have to say: 

I've been implementing everything and IT'S WORKING!!!

I finally found something that 1) fuels both ends of my passion and 2) that the right clients can see the value in. Maybe "grow" is a better word than "found" because it's nothing different than what I was offering before, it's just all packaged in a different way.

NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF IT WASN'T FOR VANESSA. And it definitely wouldn't have come together in this short timeframe if it wasn't for the work we've done together.

I've been able to more clearly articulate the important of stories. I've been able to create clients without feeling sales-y. I'll be able to pay my rent on time. I feel more excited than stressed about my business for the first time in a long time. I've been showing potential clients how I can serve them in our conversations. I've been hopping on more phone calls (and I'm actually enjoying instead of dreading them).

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I'm just constantly blown away and inspired by how much support Vanessa has to give to everything and everyone in her life.

Free Video Training
Join me for Weightless (Health) Coaching to explore each of these topics in a deeper, actionable way. If this is your first visit, I recommend watching the videos sequentially. Take action from each video to create movement in your coaching right away.

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: Weightless (Health) Coaching - Put Lightness Into Building Your Business

Video #2
: Fishing vs. Serving - Create IMPACT & Create Clients

Video #3: 
Creating vs. Finding Clients - Your Clients Aren't Looking for a Coach

Video #4: How to Coach Everyone - Message vs. Niche

Video #5: The Cure for Anxiety and Scarcity: Action

Video #6
: How to Coach Fearlessly - 
What are You NOT Saying?

Video #7: Feeling Like a Fraud? Start Telling the Truth.

Video #8: Why Your Funnel Doesn't Work - The Real Marketing Funnel for Coaches

Video #9: When Your Client "Can't Afford It Right Now" - Why Getting a NO is the best

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