Your most outrageous, impossible dream is still your furthest reaching perceived limitation. 

No matter how at the edge your dream or vision is, once you create it, you’ll find something new. That’s your nature. It’s who you are.

And the path to creating your universe is exploring your own brain.

Your perceptions, your thoughts, beliefs, dreams, blocks, patterns and habits that drive you and slow you down. What exists for you on the outside, exists for you on the inside. And what you want to create on the outside, you must first create on the inside.

The truth about the ultimate edge is that there isn’t one. Your true ultimate edge is just the beginning of something bigger, cooler, more inspiring. And you’re addicted to the pursuit. An exploration of your inner frontier brought to life in the real world. And you'll do this again and again. Bringing your dreams to life.

But this edge - and it’s pursuit - are double sided.

The people I coach are hungry, relentless. Willing to push themselves to create and bring the felt visions in their heart to reality. They create something from nothing.

But in the pursuit, they become addicted to the adrenaline of being at the edge. They charge forward until their toes hang over, imminent death as they peer over, heart rates racing right before they jump, and they often burn themselves out.

Sometimes they feel like they're on a never ending chase. Like a game of fetch, where their happiness is the bone. Throwing the bone as far as they can, full speed ahead as they charge toward their happiness sitting atop their goal, only to find that the moment they catch it, they throw it again.

Moments of feeling successful feel fleeting, even though they're frequent. They almost always feel like they're operating at 65% of their capacity and could always be doing more. There's a physical sense in their chest that there is more, they can feel it.


I have an ability to zero in on what others are experiencing and by tuning into this, I'm able to boldly challenge them towards an edge they didn't even know they had and create a clear, thrilling vision.

I feel most alive when I am experiencing something new, difficult, or that scares me. But I've learned to practice being at that edge and the edge of slow adrenaline. Slow adrenaline is the adrenaline 'drip.' Once you jump, slow adrenaline is enjoying the flight, the process, soaring to new heights, enjoying the process and occasionally diving back down to feel the heart race. It's the feeling of happiness because of the pursuit, as opposed to at the end of the pursuit. It's the feeling of fulfillment, working at 100% potential, consistency and creating everything that exists inside, in your world outside.

When I work with creative, passionate, innovators and creators we explore the depths of their inner edge so that they can match it to their outer edge and create the impossible visions of their hearts in the world.

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