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- November 2018 -


Do you trust that the sun will rise tomorrow? Chances are, you don’t even give it any thought. It’s so obvious to you that you don’t need to commit any energy to wondering whether or not it will. You likely don’t stay up at night trying to figure out what you need to do in order to make sure the sun shows up... [Read More]


- August 2018 -

(Read) Recreation is re-CREATION! Go PLAY!

Sometimes in the process of creating something from No-thing — we get stuck! I’ve seen too many creators (and of course, never myself!) get caught in the trap where they limit their fun and play and LIVING of life until they’re more successful.

Problem chief. HOW you create is WHAT you create. So if you limit fun and play and living of life — then you create success that FEELS not very fun, not very successful and like you’re putting life further out into the future... [Read More]


(Read) Forgiveness
A gift you give yourself

So many people suffer from living from this place: The past created my present. You’re holding onto something from your past that is keeping you from living the life you want now, from being the person you want now, from having the relationships that you want now. 

Maybe it’s the repeated failure to achieve your goals. Perhaps it’s a vision you have of “who you are.” Your own identity, trapping you from becoming who you want to be... [Read More]


(Read) Cultivating Creativity

You know that feeling when you sit down to write or create something and absolutely NOTHING comes up? That’s creativity in action. And then you start just writing whatever and the energy starts to shift a little. That’s creativity in motion. Ping-pong back and forth between these two stages for a while and you find your flow. Once there, your project starts to take on a life of its own.

The flow state in this step is what we TYPICALLY think of as creativity. But it’s actually all of it, the blank space, the f*cking around feeling like you’re not creating anything, and THEN the flow state that is the entire process of creativity... [Read More]



- July 2018 - 

(Read) I coach GIANTS

At the start of a Saturday morning hike, I stopped to read the sign at the entrance that described the ancient, primeval, 200-ft tall trees in the “Forest Cathedral.”

“This is a place made sacred by the centuries. Here, in the forest, you walk in the presence of giants.”

“Yes. I do,” I thought. “I walk in the presence of giants every day.” I coach giants. According to Greek Mythology, giants were the offspring of earth and sky. Then my clients must be giants... [Read More]



- March 2018 -

(Read) You Thought You Could Trust Yourself

A deeper look into our brain(s) and how they guide our creativity and growth

A little warning: This is pretty long and information dense, and to be honest, gets a little weird at the end. But it will change your life to know it.

Did you know that there is a part of your brain that’s only job is to make sure you don’t change? No joke. It also happens to be the oldest part of the brain. The part of the brain that’s been around since humans existed, but long before we existed in the world you and I know now... [Read More

(Read) How To Know If You Have Shiny New Program Syndrome

An impassioned intervention for you and me. Read with a thick skin.

I was watching a video today by a guy named Kyle Cease. It was a 12 minute preview for his course called “The Entrepreneurial Shift.” Underneath the video was a link that said “Get the Entrepreneurial Shift Now.” In under 60 seconds, I clicked the link. $200 for the 21 day course. “No big deal.” I thought. Except, it’s a huge fucking deal... [Read More]


(Read) The Quest to Find Yourself
The magic in creating your world from the inside out.

“I felt the urge to take a great pilgrimage. So I sat still for three days.” One of my favorite quotes ever. I think I’ve purchased more one-way plane tickets than handbags in my life. My favorite solution to any problem. But it never worked. I spent nearly three years backpacking, visited around 19 countries, and I never found what I was looking for... [Read More]


(Watch) How to Get Out of Any Limiting Belief

There's something so powerful about being by yourself in the middle of no where. When you take the perspective of the whole world away, you're left alone with just two things: your mind - the representation of your personality, and your self - the true you, deep inside, listening to the voice of your mind.

You are not the voice. You are the one that can hear it. Spend a day listening to this voice, and I think you'll be surprised by what it speaks. The reflection of your inner world changes what you see in the outer world. So if you want the voice to go away, you have to go deeper and experience the feelings behind it.

In this video, I share a way to release the energy behind the emotions that move through you and support this inner voice. The more you practice this, the less powerful the voice inside becomes, and you can begin to find freedom from your emotions and the thoughts and stories attached to them... [Watch Now]


(Read) The True New Year
Discovering our roots

In nature, Spring is the time of year when babies are born, flowers bloom and trees’ leaves regrow. It’s a time of growth, expansion and life. The sun comes out, the temperature rises and the literal environment shifts for the purpose of creation and expansion.

While culturally, we celebrate the new year at the beginning of the calendar year, the true new year is the start of Spring... [Read More]


(Read) I Feel Like a Fraud
When you come from truth, you can always create movement.

I feel like a fraud today. In my Weightless Health Coaching group, one of my coaches shared this with me. I asked him, “What is something you know to be true but don’t want to admit?” He said... [Read More]


(Read) What are your clients ACTUALLY paying for?
Plus a virtual b*tch slap ❤

I was on the phone with a coach this past week, and he was telling me that he’d feel better about charging higher coaching fees if he believed more in his program. If the results were somehow more tangible, or guaranteed, he’d be able to ask higher fees more confidently. I asked him what he thought his clients were paying him for.

“Help changing their lives? And the results from my program.”

“What else?” I asked... [Read More]