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Distinction #1: Balance vs. Integration

I often found (and sometimes find) myself torn between alignment and action. It seemed like I was spinning my wheels and totally burning out - just taking as MUCH action as possible. I was literally "working non-stop on my business" (a phrase I came to hate) and nothing was happening. 

So I'd flip and just start "attracting." I'd spend hours on YouTube listening to how to get into alignment in my business, as much as I could about the law of attraction, and how to call the money in.

Flip-flopping between these two created an inconsistent level of impact, content and clients, and I was totally frustrated and started to think that maybe I was the problem.

I also noticed the same thing happening in other areas of my life. Nutrition on point? Exercise can fall off. Killing it on exercise? I'll take 6 tacos please! Really connected to friends? Marriage struggled.

Everything felt like a trade off. But that's how you keep it in balance, isn't it?

Yes. And balance isn't what you want. 

What I realized is that balancing is a lot like leveling two sides of a scale - taking a little from one side to give to the other. Dancing from side-to-side to keep it all level but always present to the need to be working on one thing while working on something else. Because you're always equally present to what's going well and what isn't, you're never fully present to the thing in front of you.

We often talk about our desire for balance. But in our world, balance tends to leave you more off-balance than anything. 

We work on nutrition, and social life falls apart.

We work on our careers, and our relationships suffer.

We want to have more fun, travel and play, but we need to get our work done first or reach some level of success before we do.

What we're searching for isn't balance after all. 

It's integration.

Did you know that redwood trees are so tall and so heavy that their own roots aren't strong enough to hold them up? This BLEW my mind.

If they grew on their own, they'd fall over and die. 

Instead, under the ground, their root network expands miles.

But here's the thing - they're not just intertwined with one another. They fuse together and become one. You can't distinguish one tree's roots from the other at their point of contact.

So on the surface, it looks like a forrest. At root level, it's all one tree.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

On the surface, it looks like you have a body, a job, a social life, a bank account, a relationship, a diet.

But at root level, it's all one. It's all you.

So if you aren't integrating the pieces of your life, then your redwood forrest is going to be constantly losing trees.

Redwood trees don't balance. Nature doesn't water one tree one week and another one the following. No, she opens the sky and rains on the entire forrest. 

Integrate the pieces of your life at root level. 

It's not first diet, then friends. It's eating well with friends. 
It's not workout, then relax. Work out in a way that relaxes you.
It's not work now, play later. Make work feel playful. 

It's not methods, then mindset. It's mindset and methods. 

I'm honored to be a part of the Mindset and Methods Summit - my interview will be live next Wednesday, June 21st.

Regardless of your profession or life, you want something. We all do. 

And if you want to create it, you're going to need to know how to integrate both mindset and methods.

Aside from me, there are 29 other incredible speakers sharing on topics including:
Facebook Ads, Facebook Groups, & Instagram
Networking, Speaking, & Writing a Bestseller
Conquering Fear, Procrastination, & Imposter Syndrome
Confidence, Vitality, and Decision-Making under Pressure

Whether you own your own business, work for someone else, or just want to create more in your life, have better relationships, or something else: you need to understand how to master your mindset and learn the methods to bring your vision to life. 

Take a moment and note all the places in your life where you're balancing instead of integrating. 

Share them with me, and reach out if you want support.

Loving you, 

Sweat and Butter

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